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Important Notice

Apple decided to stop approving applications/updates that use the UIImagePickerController. Like dozens of other camera apps we hide the UI components of the ImagePicker screen so that we can show our own UI for the camera. Other camera apps, such as Night Camera, Darkroom, CameraKit, Camera Zoom, QuadCamera, ProCamera, CameraBag, Pano, Fast Tap Camera, Self-Portrait and many others are also using this method to create their own camera interface as well. The major issue here is that until they do allow us to update our application it will not be compatible with OS 3.0. This issue will effect milllions of users who have downloaded camera applications that are unable to update their software to be compatible. See our support thread to ask questions and read more. Click Here to view the Support Thread

We are asking users who wish to help to please file an enhancement request at http://bugreport.apple.com asking for an API for extending the camera to be added to the system.


Tap Anywhere to Take a Photo

With the standard iPhone camera application you have to press an icon to snap a photo. This leads to blury photos. It makes self-portraits difficult. Quick Shot gives you the option of turning the entire screen into a shutter button. Just tap anywhere on the screen to snap beautiful pictures.

Auto-Save or Manual Save

Quick Shot puts you in the driver's seat. You can turn off auto-save. Then when you take a picture you can decide whether you want to save it to your Camera Roll or not. If the photo didn't turn out good just discard it and try again. You can even control how long the photo stays on the screen after you take the photo giving you time to review it.

Save to Camera Roll

Photos you save will be saved to iPhone's native camera roll. That way they sync with iTunes and are accessible from any application on your phone. Quick Shot also allows you to browse the camera's photo roll so you can review photos you've taken in the past.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a basic principal of photography. It's a trick that all professional photographers use. Now with Quick Shot it's easy to see where to set your subject and make your photos look great!

Photo Timer

A common feature of most digital cameras is being able to set a timer. It makes group portraits easy. Use the photo timer to get crystal clear photos. Set the photo timer, compose your photo, tap the screen, then stand back and watch as your iPhone takes photos with absolutely no blur. The photo timer can be set to from 1 to 5 seconds.